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Foundered 2 years ago on the 4th of May 2019 by MrG RTLVTC has gradually grown to the VTC we are today with 60 Active Drivers. We would like to invite you in celebrating with us by taking part in our Anniversary Event.

We will be holding a pre-convoy Truckfest followed by a multi-route convoy throughout the Promods Map. There will be prizes to be one for competitions that will be announced in the near future.


Our 2 year convoy will be set out in two routes. The First Route will take you through some scenic roads on the bottom half of the Baltic map. The first route will be 915 Miles long for that extra convoy feel. Our Second route that will start after a 20 minute break will take you out of the Baltic into Poland where it will end at Katowice Quarry. That too has some very nice Scenic roads!


Truckfest happens on mostly every event but not all.. we would like to celebrate it in style and this will take place at the start of the event and will be judged by RTLVTC's Management. Winners will be announced 15 minutes before departure and prizes will be given out after the whole event has ended.


Prizes given on the day of the events Truckfest will consist of DLC’s, and Steam Gift cards. Prizes will be determined on the following:

  • Best Looking public Truck
  • Best Formation
  • Best VTC paint
  • Best Attendance
Prizes will be given to a management member of the VTC that has won the Prize and they will choose who to give it to or what to do with it.

Truckfest Parking Slots

Please see below a list of all our Parking Slots Followed by the availability of the slot.

Book a Slot!

Booking slots, will allow your VTC/Community to get a determined slot that only yourselves can use. When filling in the form you will be asked a variety of questions regarding your VTC/Community so that we can determine whether or not the slot you have chosen is relevant.

Note: Slot Booking comes on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore if another person has booked that slot before you, your application may be denied.
Slot 1 | Bus Station
Relaxed Truckers Logistics
Slot 2 | LVR
Quantum Gaming Group
Slot 3 | LVR
Slot 4 | LVR
Pries Logistics
Slot 5 | LVR
Slot 6 | Left of LVR
Galaxy Logistics
Slot 7 | GNT
Slot 8 | GNT
OceanSide Logistics
Slot 9 | RENAT
Axiel Haulage
Slot 10 | RENAT
Slot 11 | RENAT
Firelodge Logistics
Slot 12 | RENAT
Slot 13 | RENAT
Next Generation Trucking/
Slot 14 | Baltomorsk
BVAR Trucking
Slot 15 | Baltomorsk
Slot 16 | Baltomorsk
Slot 17 | Baltomorsk
Slot 18 | Baltomorsk