About Relaxed Truckers

I have an important question for you..
Are you looking for a Relaxed & friendly Virtual Trucking Company with active Staff & Members, also with no weekly quota?
Well…. Relaxed Truckers Logistics VTC is definitely the right place for you!

80 Total Drivers

Although we are not the biggest VTC, We strive to do our best.
All our members are active members of the community.


As much as we are a VTC we also have a few servers in other games such as Farming Simulator 19.
These are available to all our drivers as well as our Partners.

External Features

With a Team of Developers focusing on Development, we have our own Drivers Hub, Job Logger and Discord Rich Presence all free to use by our members.


As aforementioned we also have partnerships and we are Proud to say are partnered with TacoShack, ConSecGroup and QuantumGamingGroup.

Media Team

During and whilst at other Community Events we like to take a few pictures to commemorate the awesome events our peers plan and execute daily.

Drivers Hub

For that REAL Company Feel
Here at Relaxed Truckers Logistics we have a Bespoke Drivers Hub for all our members to use, communicate and compete. As well as including our Custom Convoy Control Section. With Automated assignment of CC Positions as well as a Live Tracker of the Event!

Virtual Statistics

Completed Jobs

Miles Driven

KGs Carried